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  • TJE 57: Dear Friend, Got Kinda Lost in Catanduanes

    There was a long weekend from February 25-28, 2016. One of my official travel friends was my neighbor at the time. And both of us just had a strong urge to take that opening for an adventure! And adventure calls for tough destinations such as: Catanduanes.

  • TJE 56: Dear Friend, I Caught Autumn in Seoraksan

    11 October 2014, I visited one of the best places to experience autumn in Korea: Seoraksan (설악산). It was a trip decided on a whim.

  • TJE 55: Dear Friend, I Went to Palau but I Forgot My Camera

    It was August 28, 2015, I was so stoked to be going to one of the pacific island states. A sea dweller’s dream: Palau. But there was one problem: I forgot my camera.

  • TJE 54: Dear Friend

    I want to tell you stories – travel stories. In this video series, I talk about travel experiences of 2 or more years ago that I have not written or made a video about. But…