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One can never fully trust memory, so I encapsulate travel experiences when I have time!

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My Youtube channel runs under the same name: The Journeying Engineer.  However, the domain is different since it started with a different name.

About the old name:

patagoniab4idie – I created an account in the video sharing site Youtube, just so I can start subscribing to channels, rating (when stars were still the thing) and commenting on videos.  I couldn’t get my preferred simple username (which I forgot by now), so I chose a complicated one.  But then I became inspired by people’s creativity, that I wanted to start uploading videos too.  I decided to just use the same account, not thinking it’s better to have a less morbid name to attract subscribers.  Well, whatever.

Despite that, this user name is still a good representation of me. One of my travel dreams is to go to Patagonia, before I die.  Quite simple really, and if you’re a little good at geography, you must have guessed the meaning of this user name.  It started when I watched the series “Living Edens” in the National Geographic Channel.  I was just in awe with all the beautiful places they featured.  I thought, if I can just go to at least one of them, I will die happy.  The first episode I watched was that about Patagonia, and I liked the name.  I haven’t realised that dream yet.  Here’s hoping I will, someday.


Featured Playlists:

Dear Friend – throwback videos done during the lockdowns

Mobile – travel videos related to opportunities brought by my profession

Quick and Cheap – weekend travels to provinces not too far from Metro Manila, Philippines

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