Hi, I am Jerico. I love traveling and enjoy photography and video editing. Thus, it lead me to be this tiny spec in the youtube community under the username patagoniab4idie (now TheJourneyingEngineer).  This blog was created with the initial goal of supplementing my travel videos, as I do not upload with regularity. After all, my main (or only) career is process engineering. That career actually plays a big part in my travels (as you may have guessed quickly by my blog’s title). However, because my mind constantly wanders, this site quickly became an avenue of random thoughts as well. They may or may not make sense, and are mostly speculative.

7+ years after being under the user name of patagoniab4idie, I decided to change my Youtube account name to TheJourneyingEngineer – identical to this site, since it just sounds better. 😀

10 years after practicing process engineering, I decided to take on an entrepreneurial path.  I don’t know what lies ahead, but that’s part of the fun in life!

Thank you for the visit. And if you have finished reading any of my posts, regardless of your reaction, thank you for the interest.


Twitter and Instagram: @jecoycoy

Decentralization, baby! Steemit: @tjourneyinge

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