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Learn or get an idea of how to brew coffee thru these videos. Brewing your own coffee can add to the enjoyment of drinking it.  Think of it not as a waste of time, but as a reflective time for yourself,  or a bonding activity with others. 🙂

(September 26, 2019 update: The videos were originally uploaded to Dtube, the video sharing site on top of Steemit. My username there is @tjourneyinge. However, my videos are gone from that platform now, so I’ve re-uploaded them unlisted on YouTube.)


I love manually brewing coffee especially in the morning! And perhaps my favorite brewing method is via Aeropress 🙂

Moka Pot

Got 3 packs of coffee as part of the Chinese New Year gift bag offered by Curve Coffee Collaborators (in Muntinlupa City, NCR, Philippines). Here’s the time when I tried it for the first time. The brewer I chose to test it first was the classic Moka Pot.

French Press, but for Latte

Spending time in cabins is great. And there’s one thing I really love doing while in a cabin: making coffee! In this video, I show how I usually prepare coffee for family and friends: with milk foamed using the French Press. Try it, and enjoy a cup similar to cappuccino!


The Chemex. It’s a classic invented by a chemist: Peter Schlumbohm in 1941. This glass brewer is so beautiful and elegant that I instantly fell in love with it. It’s the first manual brewer that I bought when my coffee curiosity started. But I’d say more than the design, the distinct taste of a cup of coffee made using Chemex is due to the Chemex bonded filter.

Hario Filter-in-Bottle Cold Brew

End with coffee to start with coffee?  With the Hario Filter-in Coffee Cold Brewer, you can end your day making coffee, leave it overnight, to enjoy the next morning!

Non-dairy Cappuccino

Sometimes I go for electric grinder and brewer for faster preparation. And of course, espresso is something special! In this video though, I prepared coffee for someone else (sharing is for caring!). Also, I prepared cappuccino using soy milk – a great non-dairy substitute. You’ll see that just like milk, soy milk can be frothed quite easily.


When I bought the Chemex, I actually got the coffee machine, which comes with the 6-cup carafe. They call the machine, Chemex Ottomatic. I don’t use it often as I prefer manually brewing, especially for a cup or two. But I can always take it out to have an easier time brewing a bigger batch to be shared with a group.

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