Visayas: random thoughts and a call for help

Visayas – one of three main island groups in the Philippines, the one in the middle, just recently found itself in the midst of a super typhoon called Haiyan (local name Yolanda).  The news that pops up every time I check the internet is just saddening.  Not to mention just a month ago, an earthquake hit Bohol and Cebu, also parts of Visayas. In light of these deadly natural phenomena, I can’t help but recall the nice places I’ve seen in this region.  Random thoughts: Leyte – home of the best Kinilaw I ever tasted (in Ocho Seafood and Grill … Continue reading Visayas: random thoughts and a call for help

TJE 19: Busy.

I never thought I would get so busy at work that I ultimately failed in the resolution I declared in this blog earlier this year.  Get this, since May, I have worked over time almost every day.  And it’s not just an hour or two, sometimes I work over time for 5 hours!  I was so busy that a lot of times I wasted my weekends just because my body is yearning for rest.  Or is it? I admit a lack of inspiration also contributed to the past months absence in the blogosphere.  Anyway, as I have learned in life, … Continue reading TJE 19: Busy.

TJE 17: Back from a big trip + resolution

I just uploaded a video blog shot when I just arrived at my apartment here in Seoul after a two-week vacation.  This is an attempt to start a resolution (which I declare in the video): to be more active in blogging or making videos about travel or some random thought. I want to give more attention to my creativity – something I haven’t given much time to enhance since I focused on being that student who excelled in Math and Science.  The thing is, for a few years now, I feel bored in being too technical.  Although having a Youtube … Continue reading TJE 17: Back from a big trip + resolution

TJE 3: 11.11.11 – why be affected?

Dates like these are fascinating, just because of the coincident numbers generated out of the calendar we follow.  Imagine having this system already in use back in November 11, 1111 – 11111111 – that would be ultimately amazing.  I wonder what event people would have associated with that date.  What would they have done on that day?  Would there be panic, fear, war, celebration or worship? This is mere coincidence, but admittedly, I feel the urge to do something different or worthwhile today.  That’s why this post, though nonsense, was written.  I remember last year, on 10.10.10, I felt a … Continue reading TJE 3: 11.11.11 – why be affected?

TJE 2: People and people

I’m on my way home from work as I write this post. It is a trial of the wordpress mobile app. Hopefully, I can finish this before hopping off the train. 7 billion and counting – that’s how much people there are on this planet. I cannot imagine how much resources we demand as a whole. How does Earth fare in giving us what we want? I won’t attempt to answer that. A friend once shared to me a question that her younger sister asked. It goes something like: “Does the earth get heavier and heavier as people multiply?” Basing … Continue reading TJE 2: People and people