TJE 66: 365 seconds of 2022

What do you know, another 365 days have become part of our history? Each of us has an own version of the past year. Was yours good? I believe mine is. It could be great, but I take what I had.

At the start of 2022, I did a little social media challenge with my close cousin. We called it #justasec – where we recorded 1-second moment per day, for 365 days of the year. We posted a compilation at the end of each month. We just posted the last one, for December 2022, yesterday. This challenge is another version of #happydays and the like. The key point is, you take time to appreciate each day.

“To create magic in the world, own the magic within yourself.”

– Robin Sharma, The 5AM Club

I read the passage above, around the last quarter of 2022. It struck me as a good association to this little social media project. When you stop and appreciate what’s around you, wherever you are; when you savor moments trivial, special, however they are; you don’t just exist. You see and feel the magic of life. 

Check out my Instagram reels, where the results of this little project were uploaded. Cheers to the year that was. And I wish all of you a wonderful 2023! We have ourselves to rely on that.

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