TJE 1: Ideas and purpose

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Ideas come to me every day.  They come and unfortunately, a lot of them go.  Some go quick, others stick for a while and fade, and only a few survive, put into action and become creations. Wait, that description is just not fair to the ideas.  They do not go as though they leave me.  It’s more of me not paying attention to these ideas; letting go of opportunities by not capturing them.

Inactions – brought by hesitation, doubt, fear or sheer laziness.  It’s hard work to nurture an idea caught and then put it into action; more so a creation.  And so in addition to uncaught ideas, there are discontinued actions and unfinished creations.  And they are worse.

What is my point really?  In an attempt to create bigger things in my life, I started paying more attention to these ideas.  I began to capture them by writing notes and diaries.  Yes, the latter’s in plural form.  But in this blog, I will not share what’s in those diaries (that’s why they are diaries).  I will tell another part of my life that I’m willing to show to the public: my travel experiences and thoughts.

Actually, I have been sharing it to the world for a couple of years now.  I love traveling and I enjoy making videos about my travels and posting them on youtube.  My uploads are not regular, however.  It can be explained by the reasoning I presented in this post’s introduction.  There are travel and video ideas that do not happen (in the case of travel) and disappear (in the case of video) due to my lack of action or failure to capture them.

By creating this blog, I will lessen the amount of waste.  This will supplement my videos.  I can share things that were not captured in picture, or omitted narrations that would otherwise make the video too long or boring.

That purpose is the idea behind the creation of this blog. (What?!)

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