TJE 4: An example

I’m sitting in a coffee shop, trying to finish a script for my next video.  And I am having a hard time doing so.  So I let myself be interrupted by this post.  My video ideas hit a soft wall anyway – bye bye momentum!

This potential video is about a recent trip meant to appreciate the autumn season.  It’s more than three weeks ago now.  And as time goes by,  it makes it harder and harder to write video ideas.  I went out that time lacking sleep for a third consecutive day (I think), with no particular video concept in mind.  I was shooting blankly.  That makes this conceptualizing thing even harder.  It’s like looking for useful things in a dump of garbage.

I just want to expound a little about the time element.  With every travel video I make, I try to relive the experience I had during the trip – in my mind.  This way, I evoke the feelings I had during the trip, especially excitement.  And that is like the fuel that powers my script writing and video editing.  This is especially true for my travel videos in the Philippines.  And you know how it is with memories.  The farther you are from the experience, the harder it is to recall.  (That’s why I love pictures and videos.  They are time capsules.)

Ah, this video might just not push through!  But no, I had more difficult situations then. More elapsed time in-between the trip and the travel video.  But just in case I fail, then there’s this blog to tell about it instead.

This dear reader, is an example of why I created this blog.

Here’s one photo taken from the place I’m referring to in this post. Can you guess where this is? 🙂
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