TJE 8: Today’s Last, Tomorrow’s First

Legs of a group of runners in the morning Seoul

Burp!  It’s several hours after I ate lunch, but I’m still feeling full.  I really ate all I can at Marche – like it was the last meal of my life.  I don’t think I can eat anymore, so yes, lunch is my last meal for today.

View upon entering Marche, did you wonder what lies beyond? I did.

But I don’t feel guilty eating a lot (though I have to say it’s expensive in that restaurant), for I will need energy tomorrow.  I registered for the LIG Korea Open Marathon, the first running event I will join, and I really look forward to the experience!  Technically, I won’t run a marathon – just the 10 km category.  But I haven’t run that far, not that I remember.  Wait, maybe I did, but definitely not in the past 5 years.

My preparation is not enough for a competitive performance.  Anyway, who am I to expect a lot?  I don’t even run regularly and my weekly exercise at home is probably not impressive.  The farthest run I had in Seoul is about 6.7 km in 35 minutes – which I last did in autumn.  I only resumed running when spring arrived and it’s not a lot considering how late winter retreated :D.

So tomorrow, I just have a simple goal: to ‘really’ run 10 km – no stops, no walk.  Can I do it?

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