The Journeying Engineer holding a finisher's medal Korea

TJE 9: As is turns out, I can!

I wondered yesterday if I can be able to fully run a 10 km distance.  And as it turned out, I can!  I was satisfied with my first experience running in the LIG Korea Open Marathon, more so, the very first event I joined.  Below is a text message from the organizer indicating my run’s time – less than an hour, yeah!

Official Time – satisfied (effect by Instagram)

And so I’ll set another goal.  Hmm, I may just get hooked into this.

More on the run, the weather was cold, less than 10 degrees Celsius, so we were shivering while waiting for the run to start.  At such temperatures, I usually wear jogging pants and a thermal protective top.  But I risked wearing shorts and the event’s jersey (which is just a thin layer) – the sun was up anyway.

After the run, with the finisher’s medal

All in all, this experience turned out well, and I look forward to more.  Physical Fitness FTW!

By the end of the year, I’ll run a full marathon… but then it’s April Fools Day. 😛

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