TJE 10: An Attempt to Inform

Cashflow 101 board game

Since I first read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, I started on a quest to follow his advocacy: to aim for financial independence.  Financial independence or financial freedom is the state when you no longer have to work for money, but money is working for you.  It means you have enough assets that generate more than enough income to pay for the lifestyle that you choose.

Doing so is hard, for it requires a lot of changing on my part.  I was used to being a safe-player, happy-go-lucky, spontaneous – just someone who does not plan life ahead.  I constantly fall into the desire trap, increasing my lifestyle for every increase in pay.  The author termed the endless cycle of working for money, the Rat Race.  And that’s exactly where I was, and still is at this time.

It’s ironic, for I actually dream of becoming rich.  Apparently, I was doing everything wrong.  “No wonder, I seem to be not going anywhere!” – that’s exactly my thoughts when I was reading the book.  I have been piling liabilities, simply because of the lack in financial education.

The lack of financial education is widespread.  It doesn’t just apply to the poor, but to the middle class.  Most of us are taught that the way to success is to study hard and eventually find a stable job.  I personally have that as a background.

Around the world, you can see Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) – myself included.  We may have several reasons, but I would dare say that it is primarily due to money.  It is a chance for us to earn more.  But, how many of us are using this situation to create a lasting effect?

These are reasons why I feel like making the video above – far from the travel-type videos that I usually make.  Maybe by sharing this, I can make people rethink about their attitude towards money.  Maybe being rich is not always how we envision it to be.  Even with a simple lifestyle, if one has the luxury of not working for money to sustain it, then maybe it can be considered being rich.


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