TJE 13: Global Meet-up: Singapore

Helix Bridge in purple light Singapore

Singapore is one of the countries where many Filipinos work and I happen to have a handful of friends there.   It is not really a place that I dream to go to.  However, I love the idea of going somewhere to meet good old friends.  That was why last February, when I received an e-mail notification from Cebu Pacific Air about seat sales, I decided to look for discounts for flights to Singapore.  I did find bargain prices and booked!

Global meet up – it’s how I call this type of trip, in which the main goal is to meet friends.   It’s an exciting category to my travel videos, and I definitely want another episode.  This particular trip is easy for me to achieve, not needing to apply for visa before visiting the country.  But the other prospects are not easy and cheap to realize: I have a good friend in the USA and another one in Canada.  Both countries require Filipino tourists to obtain a visa, and the airfare would definitely be more expensive.  But who knows, maybe I’ll be able to go there soon? 🙂

I am really thankful to my friends for making the Singapore trip so much fun and well, a lot cheaper than it could’ve been.  Not needing to pay for 3 nights stay in a hotel is big enough savings.  Then each group I met paid for at least one meal for the day, lucky me!  On the flip side, if any of them goes to Korea, then I would be returning the favor. 😛

Photostream: TJE – Singapore (July 2012) on Flickr

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