TJE 17: Back from a big trip + resolution

I just uploaded a video blog shot when I just arrived at my apartment here in Seoul after a two-week vacation.  This is an attempt to start a resolution (which I declare in the video): to be more active in blogging or making videos about travel or some random thought.

I want to give more attention to my creativity – something I haven’t given much time to enhance since I focused on being that student who excelled in Math and Science.  The thing is, for a few years now, I feel bored in being too technical.  Although having a Youtube channel, this blog and Flickr is my creative outlet, I struggle a lot with procrastination in making a video, writing, or screening photos for sharing.  I’m working to put an end to my procrastinating behaviour, especially as I realise more and more how precious time is.

So, you can be an observer, who can watch my progress, or make predictions on whether I’ll succeed or fail.  I’ll keep the target realistic: write a blog on WordPress, edit a video for Youtube and/OR add a new photo stream on Flickr once a month.  It’s that lenient because my profession takes up energy. I have to accept that I can’t have all the zest I need to do multiple things in a single day.  I realised I tend to set vague and unachievable goals that I would end up feeling bad.  And by feeling bad, I procrastinate even more.  This should stop.

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