TJE 19: Busy.

I never thought I would get so busy at work that I ultimately failed in the resolution I declared in this blog earlier this year.  Get this, since May, I have worked over time almost every day.  And it’s not just an hour or two, sometimes I work over time for 5 hours!  I was so busy that a lot of times I wasted my weekends just because my body is yearning for rest.  Or is it?

I admit a lack of inspiration also contributed to the past months absence in the blogosphere.  Anyway, as I have learned in life, the world does not stop for one person, creature or anything.  So moving on… time to make a substantial blog entry soon.

Do you know anyone who seem to have never-ending energy? I actually have 2 Korean friends who are quite active in life.  They are always on the go and seemingly inexhaustible.  Why do you think there are people like this? I know the answer, of course. Or at least I think I know. Cheers to life!

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