TJE 22: On the Road in a Big Country… Again! (Introduction)


I just arrived in Seoul from a business trip to Thailand – it was Christmas Eve.  I had the excuse to be able to spend this day at home, even though it was still officially a working day.  Then on Christmas Day, which was a holiday in the middle of the week, I stayed home alone again (don’t worry, I was not depressed at that time).  And then I worked my butt off for the last two working days of the year. Finally, a time for vacation!  Although I had one just less than six months ago, I was too exhausted from work that my body just needed another stimulus.

December 28, 2013, I left Seoul and arrived on the same day to my destination: USA.  It was my second time.  I had a packed, but rough plan. Confusing? Basically, I wanted to go to as much places as possible (with a mental list), but had no concise plan on the route to take.  Actually, even the places to go were subject to change.  Three states were a fixture though: California, Colorado and New York.

I went to California again, because that’s where a few friends and relatives are.  Also, my close cousins (with their family, who I went with to Cambodia and others) were having a vacation in the USA too.  They mostly stayed in California, but we agreed that once I join them, we would travel around the country.  I wanted to go to New York just so I can see the other side of the USA.  And I had to go here no matter what, because I already arranged my plane tickets in a way that I’d fly back to Seoul from New York.  As for Colorado, well, I promised one aunt that I would visit by the time I go to the USA again. That was because I failed to swing by her place last time.  And so I chose to go to Colorado first, not knowing exactly what to expect.

To be continued…

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