Cagbalete island shore little boy on the beach

TJE 35: A paradise in danger before popularity?

Cagbalete is an island off the coast of Mauban, Quezon, in the Pacific Ocean. I went there about two weeks after visiting Boracay. There was a stark contrast between the two islands: Boracay is commercialized, while Cagbalete is raw. However, they share a common problem (IMHO): both are currently in danger of human impact.

How can a remote island that is not yet commercialized be currently in danger of human impact? Well, Cagbalete is already inhabited. And it seems to be for a while. Thus, some parts of the island are polluted.   One friend dipped his hand in the water at the side facing Luzon (where the local settlements are concentrated). He regretted doing so because of the stench.

Pollution is a real problem in the Philippines and it is quite sad.  More so, when a beautiful place is involved.

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