TJE 36: A brief rendezvous with a dear country

The Golden Pavilion Kyoto Japan

Japan occupies a special place in my heart since it was the very first country I visited, it wowed me in so many ways, and basically the over-all experience living there was great.

My cousin convinced me to join them in their trip to Japan, since I’m familiar with the country, thus, I can help them with the itinerary. And it would just be more fun with me, LOL.

In my 10.5 months living in Japan, I never visited Osaka and Kyoto. That latter city was the selling point of my cousin’s invite. I would love to see Kyoto! So, I applied for a visa (third-world problems) and booked tickets. And by the way, I only had to pay for my plane ticket and transportation to our meeting place. The rest of my expenses were paid for by their family, so that was quite a good offer.

I was still living in Korea at the time, but since the trip would just be after my scheduled long vacation (per contract), I could no longer join them for the whole duration. So I just joined them over the weekend (too short, I know). My scheduled flight from Manila to Seoul was January 1, 2015. Then, I reported to work on January 2, and then right after work, I headed to the airport to fly to Osaka.

Came the travel date: I was all-smiles on the way to the country, on the bus, aboard a plane, and while on a bus again. It was just exciting; flashbacks were playing in my head. 😀

Well, the video pretty much sums up the whole experience. Enjoy watching!

Upon visiting the said places, two things really made me feel happy about the trip: (1) Realizing a childhood (or adolescent-hood?) dream of seeing the actual Golden Pavilion, and (2) Having a taste of Ichiran’s Tonkotsu Ramen after 6+ years!

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