TJE 39: Looking Closer

Cavinti Falls formerly Pagsanjan Falls

Sometimes, we tend to look too far out that we ignore treasures nearby. This couple of short trips was all about that: adjusting the focus to see closer objects. Or, basically fitting trips within our hectic schedules.

Pagsanjan Falls is Cavinti Falls

Cavinti Falls is one of the first tourist destinations a Filipino would learn about. At least in my generation, it’s in the Philippines studies books. Since the first grade I have always known it to be Pagsanjan Falls. Well, it was recognized for that name. But did you know it is actually located in Cavinti and not Pagsanjan, Laguna? Only until recently when it gained the right to be called Cavinti, and rightfully associated to the town where it belongs.

I was glad to see its still good condition. I mean, still looks like it was in the old books’ photos – a good indicator.

All three of us saw this waterfall for the first time that day!

Limbones Island is Maruwi Island

It is off the coast of Limbones Cove, all right. But the island is named Maruwi – according to the Limbones Cove residents.

Limbones Cove is part of the successive coves along the coast of Luzon that extends all the way to Batangas. From the north going south, one would pass by Limbones Cove before the known destinations: Pico de Loro, Punta Fuego and Canyon Cove.

We went there via this route: Went to Maragondon, Cavite and looked for the river of the same name. That was the jump off point for the boat that would take us to the cove. We passed by cove after cove after cove, before reaching the destination.

Upon arriving, we were surprised to see an underwhelming beach. And I guess the people there were also surprised to see us. It’s not a tourist destination, haha! Good thing the locals were nice enough to accommodate us, even helping us prepare our lunch. Anyway, we made the trip fun given the circumstances. It’s a new place for us, after all.

Also, as shown in the video, Limbones Cove is the residence of a clan.

Those were quick and cheap trips that you could consider. But do look for other spots nearby Limbones Cove, okay? 😀

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