TJE 40: Seeking Coffee Inspiration

Kape Umali and Palakape mugs near vintage telephone

A bit more than a year has passed since I shared about my coffee aspirations.  So what happened? Let’s just say that the journey has not been smooth.  I had a recent trip to Baguio, as I sought inspiration to continue the dream. And thankfully, I was rewarded with an experience that sort of healed my wounded soul.

(Sep 26, 2019 update: the original Steemit video disappeared so I stored a copy on Youtube)

The transition from employee to entrepreneur/freelancer was difficult for me.  First, I felt like I lost an identity.  This website’s name is proof that I have associated myself with the profession so much, that it was hard to let go.  Second, the fear that went along with leaving a good career and venturing to new territory distracted me.  It definitely affected productivity.  It also didn’t help that one venture of the company failed.

I can say that the past year, I wasn’t the best version of myself.  I was mostly sad, and by the end, in a dangerous financial situation.  However, I am aware that I was reacting to the situation wrongly.  Opportunities were there, it’s just that difficulty and failure had to be endured.  But I could not help but be affected by worries.  Bullshit – by the time I overcome this setback, I would probably say that to the things that held me back.

Moving on, I still want to be an entrepreneur.  And I want to continue the coffee dream.

I called our coffee supplier and roaster one time, to set a visit.  I told him about my situation, and my intent as to why I wanted to visit, and he gladly welcomed me.  When I got there, we talked and talked! First at their main coffee shop, then at one branch, moved to a farm, then back to their main shop, and all the times we were in transit.  It was very encouraging.  He talked about his personal struggles while salvaging their family business.  He told stories of clients who almost gave up.  I was just listening most of the time.  The message is clear: just hang on and figure things out!

So I am hanging on.  My financial situation isn’t any better, but I can honestly say that my disposition is.  I am hopeful and happy again.  How I missed this version of me!

I’ll figure this out.  The coffee dream is still alive!

A butterfly (?) nearby coffee flower buds

(September 26, 2019 update: I’m re uploading videos to YouTube because Steemit still sucks and my videos are now gone.) P.S. I recently signed up on Steemit – a blockchain and cryptocurrency social media site.  Cryptocurrency + Blockchain could be the future of internet and business, so I thought I should join early.  Videos that are related to coffee will be posted there, instead of my existing Youtube account.  Do check on the new page: Coffee Videos for the links to the videos. 🙂

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