TJE 47: I have a new personal project but I’m procrastinating

So I have a new personal project that I’ve thought of doing for a couple of years. It’s only recently that I started buying stuff for starters.

Yes, I want to start making beer on my own.

Why beer? Well, next to coffee it’s that one drink that I don’t just enjoy drinking as is. I also associate it with good memories with friends – the social experience as I usually put it.

I started ordering materials in the last week of November. Got them all by the middle of December, and only opened the package a few days ago. It’s a holiday project after all (and I want to rest after a busy year).

I bought the following for starters:

  • Stock pot – I only need 1 or 2, but bought a 4-pc set available for cheap
  • Weyermann Brewing Malt – Caramunich Type 1 – basic, lightly roasted
  • Weyermann Brewing Malt – Carafa Type 2 – coz I like dark beer
  • Siphon tube
  • Mash tun filter bag
  • Glass Carboy Fermenter – 1 Gallon – coz I’m not sure how much time I will dedicate to this craft; though seeing it makes me think it’s too small.
  • Barth Haas T90 Brewing Hop Pellets – Columbus – which is disappointing to see that the package I received has an expiry date of 12/15/2020 – bummer! But you know what, I’m gonna use it anyway for my first brew! These expiry dates have safety margins, right? 😀
  • Fermentis SafAle BE-134 Beer yeast

I have the following helpful instruments already because of the coffee curiosity:

  • Weighing scale
  • Thermometer

I don’t have a miller for the malt, so I’m thinking of using an available grinder instead – avoiding a fine grind of course. I’m tempted to buy beer bottles, but I’m holding it off and would use available bottles at home instead. Also, for the priming sugar, I’m thinking of using brown sugar.

Now… If any experienced brewer is reading this, I have the following open questions:

  1. Is it okay to use hops that have expired (according to the label) 2 weeks prior?
  2. What else is this first time brewer missing? Imagine a lay person who’s not technical.
  3. What’s a good alternative to a no-wash sanitizer that one can find at home? I’m thinking of washing the fermenter and siphon tube with hot water with a bit of oxidizing agent. I’m gonna wash with hot water thoroughly after the oxidizing agent application.

I’ll appreciate any inputs guys. Procrastination aside, I’ll start my first home brewed beer soon. Wish me luck!

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