TJE 49: I finally started my First Home Brewed Beer – wish me luck!

On the first day of 2021, I finally started brewing my first beer!

After the new year celebration, I wanted to start the experiment right after the party, but I just couldn’t help but sleep first. I wasn’t able to get up with the 6AM alarm. I want to at least film half of the process while people at home are still asleep. With that in mind, I was able to rise up the couch by 7 AM. Also, my hops are past expiry date already!

So how were the hops? I think they’re fine. They didn’t smell spoiled to me. 😀

I mostly followed the recommendation of Glen & Friends Cooking channel on Youtube. But one parameter I didn’t follow is the cooling down of the wort to 15.6 degrees Celsius (60 deg F). I only cooled it down to 19 degrees Celsius. The reason being, I will ferment at room temperature in the Philippines, which is between 20 to 30 deg C. I wanna see how it goes, without having to put the fermenter in a refrigerator. Will the yeast be okay with it?

One thing I missed doing is to check the density of the wort. I don’t have the right apparatus or instrument for accurate reading, but I could’ve gotten an estimate with a weighing scale and a measuring cup. So, I won’t take the density and check the alcohol content of the finished product for this batch.

The video ended with the start of fermentation. It will take 2 weeks before I transfer to bottles. And then, another two weeks for further fermentation with priming sugar. So I can only taste the product at the end of this month. I want luck to be by my side. Haha! I don’t like wastes. And it would be fun to enjoy it with the family.

Cheers again everyone! It’s 2021!

PS: Damn, I misspelled Celsius in my video captions!

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