TJE 51: Judgment Day (Tasting my 1st Home Brewed Beer)

Did I mention I do this #beerfriday Instagram Live thing?

It was the perfect time for me to do the taste test. So apart from the usual set up of having my phone in front, I took out the camera and recorded a behind the scene look. So here it is:

To sum it up, the beer from each bottle wasn’t consistent. The taste is hovering over the craft beer taste that I like, but it just falls flat and a bit short. How do I describe it? Basically, the beer is bitter, which is okay to me. I knew it would be too bitter for others and it was. The carbonation did add to the pleasure. But there’s something missing in the flavor. Like, I need more than just the bitter taste. I need more aromatic flavor, if that makes sense.

So the results are noted, and I have made adjustments in my 2nd batch (more on that later) to check the effects. One important note is, the beer that I aerated most during the bottling operation (the one transferred to a Sprite bottle) taste the worst. That suggests oxidation occurred most in that batch.

I had my brothers and dad try it. I had them taste a bit from 1 bottle at a time. And later we mixed beer altogether in a pitcher to average out the taste. 2 out of 3 were pretty okay with my first home brew. As expected, they found it too bitter. But we finished the beer, and felt okay the next day – no upset stomach. And that’s very important 😀

Beer mates, do you have any tips to improve on my future home brews?

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