TJE 52: Judging My First Dark Beer and the Bottling Struggle

This came in quite late.

About three weeks ago, I already tasted my first home brewed dark beer (2nd home brew all in all). And it was maybe close to 50% successful. Ha!

Before the taste test though, I showed the bottling struggle. It was a struggle because the siphon sucks (figuratively, in a bad way). It really degraded fast from having a design unfit for my purpose, to a piece of trash.

Anyway, here are notes for this 2nd home brew:

  • Stemming from the first brew’s results, I added a bit more priming sugar. For this batch, I used 11 grams of priming sugar per 800 mL bottle.
  • The final density (~sp. gr.) is 0.987 g/mL
  • So, the alcohol content is approximately: (1.027 g/mL – 0.987 g/mL) * 131.25 = 5.25%

One #beerfriday though, I had a preliminary taste of the beer – opening 1 bottle. That was 11 days since bottling. The first few sips were okay, but towards the middle and by the end, I was disappointed with the drink. I hoped that the additional 3 days would make a difference.

In the video, you can see that I was pretty okay with 2 of the bottles. The other 2 bottles were rejects. LOL.

Moving forward, I will:

  • Experiment more until I get my go-to home brewed beer recipe. Till then, I won’t publish another beer vlog.
  • I will buy a new siphon tube.
  • I will probably forego the idea of buying amber beer bottles, and buy a keg instead. This is so I get to have 1 consistent batch each time (whether successful or not).

So this is how I started by beer journey. Wish me luck!

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