TJE 53: Back to Coffee | How NOT to Roast Coffee at Home

So… I went back to experimenting on coffee in this new video. The beer experiment is still ongoing btw. I’m just not recording videos of it because I want to nail the home recipe first. I mean, I want to put out stuff that don’t just waste people’s time! Okay, back to coffee.

Recently, I made a bulk order of coffee from my trusted roaster and supplier in Baguio. I have not contacted them for more than a year! For the most of 2020, since Palakape stopped operation, I haven’t ordered coffee from my friends from the north.

Part of my order were a few kilograms of green beans. And that’s because I want to try home roasting! I still rarely go out because of the pandemic. And besides that, I thought my coffee knowledge should continue piling up. Specifically, I want knowledge coming from experience. Because there is beauty in experimentation. And that is, you learn from mistakes. Lessons stick (sometimes after a sting) when you make mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes, this video showcases what I learned for two days of making them. In this video, I present, How NOT to Roast Coffee at Home. The title is a strong hint that it can possibly waste your time. ✌🏼

And correction: I used the wrong term in describing the coffee beans. They’re NOT brittle, but the opposite of it.

I really just wanted to record my first time home roasting. But I dropped a few lessons there, so the viewer won’t leave with a quarter point IQ less. And hopefully, by observing how I carried out the experiment, you can have an idea of how one should (or should not) experiment. Hey, my laboratory experience still sticks even after many years. I may have demonstrated remnants of it in this video.

How can I properly roast coffee at home? That for now, is my coffee question.

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