TJE 54: Dear Friend

Dear friend,

I want to tell you stories – travel stories. In this video series, I talk about travel experiences of 2 or more years ago that I have not written or made a video about. But I’m presenting it in a way that I am reading a letter to you; with some visual aids.

It’s an idea that I had back in 2019. For years, I had travels that I didn’t share. That’s because I was just feeling lazy, and I got lost as to why I vlog or blog about such experiences. At one point I thought: well, for years I did not accumulate a big following, so what’s the point? But I went back to the very reason why I signed up for a Youtube account in the first place: I wanted to encapsulate travel memories. I wanted to remember them in a package, that would be available at any time in the future.

Now obviously it took another 2 years for me to finally execute the idea. But it seems more apt now, that we are experiencing the limitations imposed by the pandemic. To expose my indecisiveness once more, I already drafted 3 posts last year, but didn’t follow through. I lost those drafts earlier this year when I reformatted my computer. I failed to back the write ups in the cloud, boo hoo!

I believe the world will open pretty soon. I want to. I wish. But till then, let’s have some virtual story telling.

Your friend,

– Jerico

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