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  • TJE 67: I joined a club

    The 5 AM Club – it is a book written by Robin Sharma, that proposes a lifestyle to be a world-class performer. It is written as a novel, and the lessons are expressed through the dialogue of the characters. When the reader is ready, the book appears. Naval Ravikant, @naval on twitter I picked up…

  • TJE 66: 365 seconds of 2022

    What do you know, another 365 days have become part of our history? Each of us has an own version of the past year. Was yours good? I believe mine is. It could be great, but I take what I had. At the start of 2022, I did a little social media challenge with my…

  • TJE 65: Is an Energy Vortex Real? Unexpected Feels in Sedona

    This recent weekend visit with relatives was a bit different. This time around, we went with a purpose above the appreciation of the natural scenery: to experience the energy vortex.

  • TJE 64: What’s happening to LA?

    In a quick visit to LA, one thing bothered me the most. There were a lot of homeless people. What’s happening to LA?