TJE 3: 11.11.11 – why be affected?

Dates like these are fascinating, just because of the coincident numbers generated out of the calendar we follow.  Imagine having this system already in use back in November 11, 1111 – 11111111 – that would be ultimately amazing.  I wonder what event people would have associated with that date.  What would they have done on that day?  Would there be panic, fear, war, celebration or worship?

What’s so special about this date?

This is mere coincidence, but admittedly, I feel the urge to do something different or worthwhile today.  That’s why this post, though nonsense, was written.  I remember last year, on 10.10.10, I felt a little bad when I haven’t done anything special that day.  So at this moment, I am making sure this day is different.

Anyone alive today probably has next year as the last chance to have a similarly special date: 12.12.12 – unless some scientific breakthrough emerges in the not-so-distant future that would enable us to live more than a hundred years.  That makes me want to plan something ahead, haha!

What (will you do/are you doing/did you do) on November 11, 2011?

Side note: I just learned that November 11 is special here in Korea.  This morning, I came to the office with a cookie stick on my desktop.  Then I was told it is Pepero day.  Pepero is the name of the snack – the cookie stick.  It is relevant because the date when written in numbers is just like 4 sticks.  And as my Korean colleague told me, it is similar to Valentine’s Day.

“It’s Pepero Day.” – What do you mean?
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