TJE 17: Back from a big trip + resolution

I just uploaded a video blog shot when I just arrived at my apartment here in Seoul after a two-week vacation.  This is an attempt to start a resolution (which I declare in the video): to be more active in blogging or making videos about travel or some random thought. I want to give more attention to my creativity – something I haven’t given much time to enhance since I focused on being that student who excelled in Math and Science.  The thing is, for a few years now, I feel bored in being too technical.  Although having a Youtube … Continue reading TJE 17: Back from a big trip + resolution

TJE 14: Mom, the Music of the Night and my Musical Addiction

There was not a time I remember in which I provided luxury to my parents ever since I started my career and became self-sufficient. But recently, thanks to a chance vacation, I was able to do so for my mom.  I brought her to experience the Music of the Night. Chuseok, the harvest festival and a major holiday in Korea, gave an opportunity for us working here to have 6 days off from work. I grabbed the chance to take a quick vacation in the Philippines! I’ve mentioned previously that my recent home leave was travel packed, and that I … Continue reading TJE 14: Mom, the Music of the Night and my Musical Addiction

TJE 4: An example

I’m sitting in a coffee shop, trying to finish a script for my next video.  And I am having a hard time doing so.  So I let myself be interrupted by this post.  My video ideas hit a soft wall anyway – bye bye momentum! This potential video is about a recent trip meant to appreciate the autumn season.  It’s more than three weeks ago now.  And as time goes by,  it makes it harder and harder to write video ideas.  I went out that time lacking sleep for a third consecutive day (I think), with no particular video concept … Continue reading TJE 4: An example